Water aerobics class gains popularity this year

Water aerobics class at Hart’s Run pool

Approximately 30 faithful ladies from nearby communities attended a wonderful water aerobics class each Tuesday and Thursday at the Hart’s Run swimming pool in the Greenbrier State Forest this year.

Water aerobics is joint friendly and a great way to exercise, especially for those who find trouble exercising on land. Aquatic exercise relieves joint and muscle pain, and leads to greater overall endurance and cardiovascular health. Attendees focused on strengthening exercises using water weights and swim tubes.

The class has exceeded in the number of attendees from previous years.  Everyone attending had a wonderful time this summer.

The group would like to especially acknowledge to Greenbrier Forest Park Superintendent Jesse Anderson, instructor Cheryl Nutter, all lifeguards of the Harts Run Pool, and Greenbrier Valley Medical Center.

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