Team spirit at work in WSS; elected officials on track

Led by Mayor Lloyd Haynes, the White Sulphur Springs Town Council congratulated the WSS Volunteer Fire Department for their participation in helping to subdue the big fire in Marlinton last month. Fire Chief Brian Dolin said Mayor Smith of Marlinton gave the department a certificate for services rendered, as well as a sum of money in thanks. Dolin said those funds will be used to purchase smoke detectors for City Hall.

At the meeting, which met on Monday, Jan. 13, Mayor Haynes asked council to approve a Resolution to authorize and contact the West Virginia Governor’s Community Participation Program to pursue seeking funds for the WSS library. Approval of a Proclamation was also given by council to name the tennis courts at Memorial Park after local tennis phenom K. Temp Gillespie.

Council member GP Parker put in a request to the Department of Highways months ago to erect signs at either end of town and also on the interstate reading “Home of the Greenbrier Classic” to advertise the town of White Sulphur Springs. “We need to show pride,” he said, “in White Sulphur Springs as the site of the golf tournament.”

Citizen commenters reported stormwater clogged drains and flooding, which Mayor Haynes said were being addressed by the Streets Department. The Water and Sewer Department, he noted, worked alongside the Maintenance Department to handle water pipe breaks and fouled meters needing service during the recent cold snap.

The next Third Thursday which occurs on Jan. 16 will feature the American Bar & Grill on Main Street. Council member Lynn Swann stated Main Street’s Make It Shine clean up committee is looking for volunteers. They are asked to call City Hall.

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