Ronceverte ‘envisions the future’ with a community meeting

The City of Ronceverte is developing a new comprehensive plan that will be a road map for the future and city officials are asking for residents to give their input. The plan will provide long range guidance on how Ronceverte develops its housing and neighborhoods, downtown, recreational facilities, heritage and more. Known as “Envision Ronceverte” this effort is being led by the city’s Planning Commission and will involve a look at many facets of the city’s development and how they can address the vision that residents have for the community.

On Jan. 27 from 6-8 p.m., the Ronceverte Planning Commission will sponsor an Open House for residents to come and share their ideas about how Ronceverte should grow. The event will be held at the Main Street Volunteer Center, located at Edgar/211B Chestnut Street next to the Ronceverte Post Office.

In addition to attending the Open House, residents will have other opportunities to give their input over the course of the planning process including filling out a survey which can be found at the City offices or online at or participating in one of several focus groups that will be scheduled in the coming months.

“Ronceverte’s last comprehensive plan was developed many, many years ago,” said Michael Palm, chairman of the Planning Commission. “We are looking forward to what our residents say about the city’s future. This document will guide the thinking of the Planning Commission for the next ten years. It will lay out our priorities as a community and give us a focus as to what we should do to make Ronceverte a better place to live.”

Anyone with questions about the Open House or the planning process may contact Reba Mohler, city administrator at 304-647-5455 or



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