Solar eclipse creates impressive display

(N-Plus Photography photo)
The solar eclipse as seen from the WVU Tech campus in Beckley.

Earlier this week on Monday, Aug. 21, the whole region came to a standstill in awe as the Great American Solar Eclipse passed over the continent.

West Virginia wasn’t in the path of totality, but the sun was still mostly covered by the moon during the eclipse’s peak, creating impressive shadows and an overall diming effect of the light. Local photographer Nima ShahabShahmir was one of many who were out getting pictures of the natural phenomenon, and captured a time lapse of the event.

“I feel so special to be able to capture and experience this phenomenon in person,” said ShahabShahmir. “Although we had about 88 percent totally in West Virginia, it was incredible to see the shadow of moon and feel the temperature slowly becoming cooler. I’m sure the people in those airplanes traveling in higher altitudes had once in a life time experience. This multi-exposure of the solar eclipse was taken from 2 p.m. all the way until sunset.”

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