Miluk’s ‘Mat’ ters – January 26, 2019

QUOTES! Heck, everyone has a few of their favorite quotes.

I use them all the time to motivate my wrestlers and my students. I even use them to motivate myself. I remember when we were writing the book “The Edge.” Every day I would go to the post office and wait for a response from some of the most successful athletes, professionals, businessmen, presidents, CEOs, etc. After that I would go to the library to do research for more quotes and articles on success stories. It was a labor of love. I realized that there is “greatness” all around us. I often tell my wrestlers that today is the best time to be great. The resources and access to knowledge, motivation and help is instantaneous. Within minutes you can have solutions to overcome your problems and help you achieve your goals. It’s simple! However, it is NOT easy! “Nothing in life that’s worth anything is easy!” Wait a minute… is that another quote?

Trivia: Four Greenbrier East wrestlers have been on the Alderson Broaddus University wrestling roster. Can you name them?

Upcoming events and highlights: CONGRATULATIONS! Zach Mullins joined the Century Club by winning his 100th high school wrestling match. He is truly a student of the sport. As you are driving through the school campus, take a look at the wrestling facility building and you will see our new “Regional Champions… Again!” banner. It is beautiful. THANK YOU, 84 Lumber, your kindness is greatly appreciated. Our win leaders for this season are Zach Mullins (33), Cayden Hoover (30), Robert Blevins (30), Landen Hoover (29) and Nick Thomas (27).

EGMS UPDATE: Thomas Mullins took third place at the WSAZ Tournament in Huntington. That is one of the highest finishes in all of Eastern Greenbrier wrestling history. Great job, Thomas!

Eastern Greenbrier Wrestling Club: The West Virginia Youth State Wrestling Championship will be in Huntington on Feb. 16 and 17. Good luck!

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Miluk humor: The world tongue-twister champion just got arrested. I hear that they are going to give him a really tough sentence. Ha!

Trivia answer: The four Greenbrier East wrestlers who were on the Alderson Broaddus Wrestling rosters were/are Davis Solak (‘13), Joe Sampson (‘14), Josiah Solak (‘15) and Levi Hobbs (‘18).


Greenbrier East High School Wrestler of the Week

Name: Alex Zimmerman

Grade: 11th Grade

G.P.A.: 3.00

Parents: Mike and Stephanie Zimmerman

Record: 20-9 (9 Pins)

Highlight: Three year Varsity Letterman

Quote: “Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it!”

Coach’s Comment:”Alex is a good athlete and a tremendous person. His level of success continues to grow as does his confidence. Alex is one of the best wrestlers on his feet. He KNOWS how to wrestle!”

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