Downtown Lewisburg welcomes 2019 Winter Music Festival


Once again, downtown Lewisburg will be the jammin’ place to be this Saturday, Jan. 26. The Winter Music Festival is taking over many local venues for a good cause. In February of 2018, local musician Jim Snyder made the following post on the “Friends of the Winter Music Festival” Facebook page:

“In January 2018 we raised 16K for an emergency fund to help musicians caught in unexpected financial stress, and for educational purposes in the area. We’ve helped many musicians across southern WV and sent dozens of school kids on field trips and to music camps over our seven, going on eight-year history. We’ve provided Greenbrier East High School’s Second Block Rock students the opportunity to experience managing a series of performances along with Liberty High’s aspiring young musicians and simply rocking out in their dedicated all ages venue at The Hub Teen Center. We’ve donated to disease research at a Duke University. (Major music centers like L.A., NY, Atlanta, Louisville, Nashville have similar organizations. I think it’s exceptional that WV has one, too. And it’s located right here in 24901!) That 16K figure represents more than 800 attendees from here in town and all across southern WV and Virginia converging on downtown Lewisburg. Many of these attendees stay in our hotels and eat in our restaurants, in addition to all the venues they visit. It’s been said that the West Virginia Winter Festival is likely the largest grossing, the largest attended and largest local economic contributing, independent, all volunteer event of its kind in WV!”

For the opportunity to see over 40 local bands and support the community, simply purchase one $20 wristband per attendee at any of the eight participating musical venues and enjoy the evening! Wristbands may be purchased with cash only. Visit the “Friends of the Winter Music Festival” Facebook page for more information.