Family asks that donations continue for Christmas decorations lost in the flood


Those coming into Ronceverte this upcoming Christmas season will see something special illuminating the bridge, Christmas lights of a soldier and an angel.

The lights were purchased for Ronceverte and dedicated to the mother and father of Teresa Campbell, Vicky Cooper, Bill Hodges and Rick Hodges.

Their father, E.B. Hodges, and mother, Bell Hodges were lifelong residents of Ronceverte. EB is a WWII Veteran of the U.S. Navy and retired with 25 years’ service with the Bendix Corporation. He was awarded the Lifetime Membership Award by the Ronceverte Fire Department. Bell Hodges has passed away but would have been 87 years old on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016. She was a wonderful homemaker who raised four children, was an active member of the RVFD Firemanetts, and the Women of First Church of God in Ronceverte.

All these people have wonderful memories of Christmas in Ronceverte.  The angel is in honor of their mother Belle, who passed away in September 2016. The soldier is in honor of their father, E.B., who currently resides at The Brier nursing home. The family would like to encourage others to purchase Christmas lights in loving memory of family members or friends.

Those interested may call the Ronceverte Development Corporation at 304-647-3140 or mail a dedication donation to RDC, 300 West Main Street, Ronceverte, West Virginia, 24970.