Would Christian club be approved?

Dear Editor:

In reference to the article by David Esteppe in the Mountain Messenger April 5, concerning the Gay Straight Alliance Club, being formed at Greenbrier East High School – in which Kris Arbuckle said the club received the school’s backing from both the School Principal, Jeff Bryant and Assistant Principal, Mr. Lockhart, for the club to be formed, even faculty advisors to assist them.

Is this what tax payers’ money is paying for?! This is totally unacceptable, both in the educational, moral and spiritual realm.

Question: If in this school a group of Christian students wanted to form a club wearing T-shirts that said on the front “Jesus Christ is Lord” and on the back “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father except by me,” would that club be accepted and approved by the leaders of this school?

Folks, you need to let your voice be heard. And where is the voice of the Board of Education?

And, by the way, new school secretaries are going to have to take time in their busy schedules to keep account of donations coming into the school with attention to Gay Straight Alliance Club.

May God have mercy on so many misguided people, and open blinded eyes that they may see and embrace truth.

Anna Ruth Crowley



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