‘Disturbing article’

Dear Editor:

The Apr. 5 edition of Mountain Messenger contains a disturbing article about the Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSAC). I believe the real agenda of such clubs is to recruit straight children into the homosexual world. Or, at least to popularize homosexuality as the “normal way of life.” This is ludicrous. Even the use of the word “Gay” in the title of this club, instead of the more accurate word “homosexual,” suggests a bias in favor of homosexuals.

Youngsters in high school may think they are old enough to know just about everything, but we know that’s not true. These teenagers need guidance to meet the realities of the world, personal and business. To offer a club where homosexual, bisexual, trans-gendered and straight children can meet to express themselves is expecting more from youth at this time in their lives than is possible.

These are our children. We as parents, and as principal and vice principal, should have taken a vow to keep our children safe. To expose them to such extremities at their young age is wrong. I don’t believe people are capable of truly understanding themselves until at least their twenties, or perhaps thirties. To expect teens to make these choices is morally and ethically wrong. To present them with this choice will only cause confusion and most possibly be harmful to those few who are easily led.

I implore all parents of the members of this club to do all in your power to have this club abolished. Mr. Lockhart and Mr. Bryant should be made to answer for their folly. This isn’t ensuring a world free of bias. This is producing bias at the earliest age possible, unless perhaps there are plans to start this club in middle or elementary school!

In case the good people of West Virginia believe a Delawarean has no business expressing an opinion in this matter, I believe we all should be aware of the dangers to all children and fight for them, no matter where they live.

Franklin M. Ward

Frederica, Delaware

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