WVSOM students visit Ronceverte Elementary

WVSOM students Anthony Strobolakos (left), Clayton Spencer, Carley Taylor, Lydia Tambasis, Devine Thomas, Molly Storm and Adam Stout. Larry Davis is sitting in the rocking chair and Vivian To is kneeling.

To provide experience in the preparation and presentation of community-based health education seminars, Dr. Andrea Naza, D.O. developed a Health Education Lab for second year WVSOM students to prepare and present “healthy news” to schools, civic groups, senior citizen centers, and other groups.

Medical students tailor the presentations to the intended audience and to the interests of the participants they address.

Deborah Johnson, second grade teacher at Ronceverte Elementary, invited WVSOM to prepare and present an educational seminar on the human ear to her students.  Johnson’s class recently completed a health unit on the human ear.

“I’m always impressed with the creative ideas that the WVSOM students bring to my classroom each year. The centers are always new, and I know a great deal of time and planning must go into each one. I even picked up a few things that I can use with my students next year,” stated Johnson.

A group of eight-second year students and their facilitator Larry Davis, Ph.D. presented a program that involved handouts, laptops, models, games, demonstrations, hands-on activities and videos. Each second grade student rotated in groups between four stations that were set up in the classroom.

“One of the students’ favorite centers involved the Otoscope; students were able to look into a real ear canal and see the eardrum of peers and WVSOM students. “It’s one thing to look at a diagram or model and talk about the internal parts of the Ear, but to actually be able to see an eardrum was amazing to my students and something they won’t forget,” stated Johnson.  At the end of the program, time was provided for questions and answers.

WVSOM students ended their visit by having a type of Jeopardy/buzzer game set up for the students after the presentation. Students were again placed into four groups and had to buzz in to answer questions from the information they learned during their class unit and the WVSOM presentation.  Winning groups received prizes for correct answers.

“This was an awesome way for my students to review for their ear test, as well as winning some prizes,” said Johnson.

If your group or organization is looking for presenters on health issues, contact Larry Davis, Ph.D. at WVSOM at 304-647-6231 and schedule a presentation.