WV innovators launch digital advocacy platform

Advocacy just got a little easier with Tuesday’s launch of OSAY (www.osay.co), a new, easy-to-use digital tool that works to close the gap between everyday folks advocating for a cause and elected officials hearing their message.

Designed and developed by three West Virginia citizens – Jennifer Susman, Carling McManus and Ankur Kumar – OSAY eliminates the typical hassles of traditional advocacy: endless searching through giant spreadsheets for elected officials’ contact information, copy-and-pasting the same message to lawmakers, or paying for expensive supporter management platforms. As the political climate shifts and as digital advocacy and civic engagement increases, OSAY gives grassroots advocates the tools they need to turn social media chatter into action.

Pronounced “oh say,” OSAY is a nod to the first line of the National Anthem.

“It’s patriotic to engage in civic action. Lawmakers are elected to represent the collective voices of their districts. OSAY ensures your voice is heard.” said Susman, co-founder of OSAY.

OSAY is designed specifically for the rapid mobilization of grassroots organizers and advocates. Starting at $39, organizers create and launch campaigns within minutes. Advocates join causes for free and take action in less than four clicks. Advocates are also encouraged to take the next step, a step that studies have shown to be the most effective form of advocacy – calling their elected officials.

“OSAY is instant advocacy. We’re turning clicktivists into activists. It’s time we stop tweeting at each other and direct unified messages at our lawmakers,” said McManus, co-founder of OSAY.

“This is the definition of virality,” said Kumar, co-founder of OSAY. “Because people are advocating in their social networks, campaigns will grow exponentially. Early data is showing incredibly high follow-through rates regardless of age or experience with technology.”

For now, OSAY is only available in West Virginia. The team is currently working to expand their service to municipal, state, and federal levels.

OSAY is about providing everyday folks with the tools and education they need to become engaged advocates. It’s about holding the smallest and largest political offices accountable. It’s about eliminating the anxiety of picking up the phone and calling lawmakers. It’s about using accessible tools to unify voices. And most importantly, it’s about mobilizing citizens to make positive change in their communities. For more information and to learn more, visit osay.co.

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