WV Fine Artisans welcomes new artist

Bruce Brenneman with some of his work

WV Fine Artisans welcomes their newest artist, Bruce Brenneman. Brenneman is an experienced wood tuner who started turning wood in the ‘70s on a Sears lathe trying to produce furniture.

In 2014, he joined West Virginia Wood Turners Association and began making bowls.

Brenneman is partial to West Virginia hardwoods like maple, cherry and walnut. When making bowls, he looks for a nice figure and interesting grain patterns. He likes seeing the results – seeing what’s inside.

“Turning a bowl is like opening a present – you never know what you’re going to get,” says Brenneman. He has started experimenting with embellishing wood with different filling materials to strengthen to the wood and add another dimension of beauty to the wood.

Brenneman’s bowls are available at WV Fine Artisans, 1042, Washington Street, East, Lewisburg, or at www.wvfineartisans.com.