WSS City Council supports expanding business and occupational tax scope


By Sarah Richardson

The White Sulphur Springs City Council held a special session on Tuesday, Nov. 5, to hold a first reading of an ordinance that would expand the city’s business and occupation tax abilities.

Changes to the city’s current business and occupational tax would mean that larger businesses in town will now pay the tax, as opposed to only public service and utility companies as it was written previously.

The tax will affect businesses that are involved in manufacturing, preparing, and compounding commodities; those selling tangible property; contracting; street, inter-urban, and electric railways; light and power companies; natural gas service companies; service businesses; loan, and leasing.

However, this isn’t intended to hurt small businesses. City attorney Fred Giggenbach clarified, “For small businesses, restaurants, the small shops in town, doctors, lawyers, service people, and people who are small businesses, it won’t really affect at all.”

Ultimately, the tax is estimated to bring roughly $100,000 to the city annually. The new Great Barrel Company, which is opening soon in Hart’s Run, is expected to generate $60,000 alone.

The second reading is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 12, during the regular council meeting at City Hall in White Sulphur.