‘Women With Altitude’ bring Curious George to Ronceverte Elementary students

Linda Wheeler (left) and Suzanna Snyder, representatives of “Women With Altitude”
Linda Wheeler (left) and Suzanna Snyder, representatives of “Women With Altitude”

Nov. 5 was a very “curious” day indeed at Ronceverte Elementary School. For the second year, members of the “Women With Altitude” organization in White Sulphur Springs, came to visit each 1st and 2nd Grade classroom. Their objective? To hand deliver a “Curious George” book to each child.
Every year, the WWA randomly selects two schools and two grades within those schools to receive age appropriate books for each student to take home. This year, Ronceverte Elementary was fortunate to be one of the two schools chosen. “I just love coming to Ronceverte Elementary School. Everyone (teachers and students) always have a smile on their face,” said Mrs. Snyder.
“I knew the ladies were coming this morning, so I mentioned it to my students. Two students asked to go to their cubbies to get something from their book-bag. Both returned with a copy of the Curious George book they had received in First grade,” said Mrs. D. W. Johnson. “Students told me they keep it with them to read in bus hall and on the bus.”
“After Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Wheeler left we stopped for D.I.R.T. (Daily Individual Reading Time) to give students time to explore and share their new books with each other! They were too excited to do anything else,” stated Mrs. Johnson, second grade teacher.
Ronceverte Elementary faculty, staff and students would like to say thank you to the WWA members for their most generous donation of books, which help to support Reading in Greenbrier County Schools. The WWA motto: “Keep Children Reading.”