White Sulphur Springs Public Library wins grant to purchase children’s books

The White Sulphur Springs Public Library is excited to announce that they are one of the recipients of the Libri Grant. This means the library will be able to add several new children’s books to their collection. “This is such a wonderful opportunity,” said Librarian Joann Hartzell. “The money the Foundation is providing us with will allow us to expand and update our juvenile non-fiction section. We will also add new, beautiful, fun books to our easy reader section. The list of books the foundation has provided us to choose from are current books that have garnered recognition from various recognized organizations such as the Children’s Book Council, The American Library Association, and several teachers’ associations.”

One of the stipulations for the grant is that the receiving library raise $350 toward the purchase of the books. The library staff, which has selected various titles that they plan to add to the library’s collection as part of the Libri Grant, is hoping to receive some help with raising the necessary money and to give recognition to some generous members of the community. If a member of the community is interested in purchasing one or more of the selected books, he/she can give a staff member the money for said item(s). This money will be placed to the side and a record of which title(s) the contributor is interested in sponsoring is recorded. Once the books have been received, the library staff will add the community member’s name to them by way of name plates, creating a record of that person or organization’s generosity. This is a great way for the community to weigh in on what they wish to see in their library’s children’s section. Whether it be books about science, history, or a fun read aloud or gentle bed time story, these books are sure to add to the knowledge and culture of the White Sulphur Springs community.



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