Gremlins on the loose in Lewisburg

A recent rash of thefts and vandalism around the middle of June has upset local residents and business owners in Lewisburg.

Three large hanging plants hanging were allegedly stolen from the lampposts outside the Greenbrier County Public Library. The theft of these plants coincides with the same time-frame as a theft at Jim’s Drive-In. When Lewisburg resident Lisa Stansell was told by Lynn Massie, of Jim’s Drive-In, that their potted ferns from the outside eating area were also taken, Stansell drove right away to Lowe’s and purchased a new fern for Jim’s. Stansell said. “Worrying about people stealing the plants outside of a business in Lewisburg, is not what our small town is about.” It is notable that the size of the plants and their placement required quite a bit of effort to do the thieving.

As reported in the Daily News, Tag Galyean, of the Lewisburg Foundation, is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the recovery of the stolen plants. Information may be provided anonymously to Galyean at 304-647-3520.

Subsequently, in the wee hours of June 30, a vandal was caught on surveillance video destroying property at the businesses of The Front Porch, The Livery Tavern, and the original Stella’s Restaurant location on Lafayette Street.

Bill Hammond, of The Front Porch, which sells fine accessories and men’s clothing, explained, “We got lucky in that mostly things were simply over-turned outside. Nothing was destroyed at The Front Porch: however the fountain in the garden at Stella’s was severely damaged.” Hammond added that almost all of the businesses in downtown Lewisburg have cameras pointed at every angle; and they are right out in the open, so he was surprised someone had the nerve to vandalize properties while being filmed.