No tracking of medical fraud


Dear Editor:

Many of the residents of Greenbrier County have received a notification from CHS Community Systems advising that because of computer theft many individuals’ health records and attendant information, such as addresses and Social Security numbers have been stolen and may subject persons to fraudulent charges being made against their records by the use of this information.

This advice suggested several suggestions as to how one can protect themselves against being charged with expenses they are not aware of and could complicate the accuracy of their financial standing.

Many will recall the efforts made to put all medical records in a common file, so that should it ever be necessary, requiring treatment, your personal medical information could be made available immediately. Perhaps it was a good idea, but it also opened a door to computer hackers, realizing that with the theft of medical records, unauthorized persons using “your” medical information and running up expenses you will be expected to pay for and it is called “medical fraud” requiring a lot of effort to clear up by those unfortunate enough to find themselves in that situation.

CHS Community Health Services advises that to compensate, arrangements have been made for individuals to apply for identify theft protection for one year, with application and should you feel you need more protection, CHS Community Health Services lists the three credit report companies where you may request a “fraud alert/freeze.” You may have to pay for this protection.

Not mentioned is that, there is no tracking of “medical fraud,” you’ll know it when you see it.

Jack D. Ballard



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