Reasons not to vote Democrat

Dear Editor:

I’ve been waiting four weeks for the local Republican Party to respond to the Democrats’ “Vote for Democrats” ads in the Hinton News. I’ve waited in vain. I even emailed them with some suggestions. Seems the local party is following in the footsteps of the Washington Rhino Weenies – afraid to stand up for anything. In fact, if you want to get informed on the GOP, go to the Summers County GOP website and click on “Get Informed” and every link will send you to a Democrat website.

Since the Democrats are very vocal and stand up for what they believe and practice, and the Republicans are weenies, I have decided to switch political parties, and hereby offer to those who are still on the fence as to how they’ll vote, a few more reasons to vote for the Democrat candidate of your choice.

If you support the destruction of small business owners who want to run their business according to their faith-vote democrat. If you support the destruction of the God-instituted form of marriage – vote Democrat. If you support the murder of unwanted babies – vote Democrat. If you support requiring 98.5% of the population to cater to the perversions of the 1.5% – vote Democrat. If you support the removal of all things Christian from the public arena: Nativity scenes illegal; Bibles removed and prohibited; Ten Commandments outlawed; children being suspended from school for saying “bless you” – vote Democrat. If you want to support a political party that seems to have taken its playbook right out of Romans 1:18-32 – vote Democrat. If you support outlawing patriotism and freedom of speech: children suspended from school for wearing a T-shirt displaying the American flag; Pastors’ sermon notes subpoenaed because they disagreed with a lesbian democrat mayor’s ordinance opening all public bathrooms to both sexes – vote Democrat. If you support the right of illegal aliens to free health care, education, and Social Security benefits, at the expense of those who paid – vote Democrat. If you want to keep your doctor – vote Democrat. If you want to keep your insurance policy – vote Democrat.

And, if you are truly incapable of thinking for yourself – thinking government is better able to take care of you from cradle to grave – vote Democrat. Lack of space prohibits me from listing several hundred similar reasons to vote Democrat.

John T. Osbron


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