Throttle Throbs Car Club celebrates 20th Anniversary


The Throttle Throbs Car Club kicked off their 20th anniversary by participating in the MDA Car Show at Roanoke, VA, Mar. 2-4. Throttle Throbs was the only club from out of state to be assigned a spot in the Car Club Alley. There was a lot of interest in the club and what they do.

This year the club will be awarding six $1,000 scholarships in May. Three scholarships will go to graduating seniors in Greenbrier East High School and three will go to Greenbrier West. The club thanks business sponsors, Edgewood Presbyterian Church, attendees to their 2017 car shows, private donations and the efforts of dedicated car club members.

The club will have three shows for their 20th anniversary. Their first show will be a Memorial Day show at the Greenbrier Valley Mall, Fairlea, on May 26. Their Independence Day show will be on July 4th. That celebration will be at the Old Greenbrier Baptist Church, Alderson. For their final show of the year the club will team up with the Edgewood Presbyterian Church’s Arts and Craft Show at the WV Fair Grounds, Fairlea, on Oct. 13. All proceeds from the shows will go to the club’s Greg Carter Memorial Scholarship Fund. Greg was a Greenbrier County Fireman who lost his life in the line of duty.

For more information contact club President Ron Ness at 304-645-5055.