Spartan baseball team may qualify for regionals


By Mason E. Haynes

(Photo by Mason E. Haynes)
Spartan pitcher Nathaniel Byers winds up a strong pitch.

The boys Spartan baseball team may succeed at reaching regionals for the year of 2017, a long-shot goal for them since the beginning of the season.

Despite the tough competition they faced this year, their outcome this season had been steady. Their overall win ratio was nine wins and six losses along with their 3 and 0 wins at home. They are currently ranked 288 in the state, according to MaxPreps.

There were also some  key highlights of the year fir several of the Spartan baseball players. Spartan no. 20 Daylon Colley was a excellent batter up for the team. During most of the home and away games he has completed a great amount of batting to help the team achieve their home runs. Spartan no. 1 Riley Smith performed well with the base running this season. He has stolen base several times since he also played this year.

Earlier this year, Spartan head coach Corey Mann said that reaching regionals was of his biggest dreams this season, and now, he might achieve it.

“Heading to regionals would be my goal,” Mann said in a pre-season interview. “It’s about having team chemistry, the closer the team works together we should definitely have a shot towards going to regionals.”

Even if the Spartans do not qualify for regionals this year, Mann intends to continue his dream of pushing the baseball team to reach further lengths than they have in the past. He also mentioned it was not his first time of succeeding to compete in regionals.

“I have coached in the past and the baseball team has made it to regionals,” Mann said. “Again, the goal is to get inside their heads and build that team chemistry. It’s all about putting forth a team effort.”

It is uncertain to determine whether the Spartans will qualify to participate in regionals. WVSSAC is still collecting and finalizing scores for all schools around the state. The results are likely to be posted by next week.

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