Sixth Annual WSS Elementary Tooth Fairy 200 race held for Halloween

Front Row: Kole Withrow (left) and Jordyn Carter; Back Row: Logan Hill (left), Treyahanna Lind, David Vance and Kari Waid
Front Row: Kole Withrow (left) and Jordyn Carter; Back Row: Logan Hill (left), Treyahanna Lind, David Vance and Kari Waid

The Sixth annual Tooth Fairy 200 meter foot race was held in conjunction with the Halloween carnival and drug awareness week at White Sulphur Springs Elementary school. One hundred-fifty runners in grade K-2nd ran a 200m course around the playground, racing against the clock for sprinters glory. Categories for racers were by grade level with the fastest times for boys and girls being crowned “Tooth Fairy Grand Champions.” “This was an idea that was cooked up six years ago to get the younger students involved with fitness, hygiene and to tie their own shoes,” said Physical Education teacher Tracy Asbury. It worked too as several kids learned to tie shoes during the week. “That’s a lot less bending over for faculty and parents, less tripping too,” Asbury added laughing.
Second grader Isaiah Mattox followed up on his first grade win from last year to win the boys Grand Champion with a lap of 31.47 seconds and a new school record. Second grader Rylan Vaughan was a girl’s repeat winner from 2012 with a scorching lap of 35.47 seconds to win the girl’s Grand Champion trophy. Grand Champions were awarded a special certificate while grade champions received recognition at a school assembly. In all there were four school records set this year “With new records being set each year, either the course is shrinking or my students are getting faster,” stated Asbury. “The thing about this race is that we will have new qualifiers all of the time,” says Asbury. “The Tooth Fairy is the busiest dude I know of, even busier than Santa and Easter Bunny. There isn’t a recession with the Tooth Fairy.” This has become quite the prestigious award for K-2 students, adding to the saying “The will to win must be accompanied by the will to prepare.” “All of the excitement and anticipation for the race, encourages the younger students to work harder in PE class,” said Asbury.
In closing, Asbury and the students would like to dedicate this year’s race to Shirley Freeman, mother and grandmother of WSSES graduates for her support of the Tooth Fairy 200m race and the enjoyment she received from the announcements each year. Thank you, Shirley!
Winners of the 2013 WSS Elementary School Tooth Fairy 200 – “Missing teeth and tying shoes”:
Grand Champions: Boy – Isaiah Mattox, 31.47**; 2nd, Mrs. Mathena; Girl – Rylan Vaughan, 35.47, 2nd, Mrs. Mathena

Kindergarten Champions: Boy – Brady Thompson, 37.41**, Mrs. Perry; Girl – Emma Kincaid, 41.05**, Mrs. Perry

First Grade Champions: Boy – Henry Martinez, 38.64, Ms. Nutter; Girl – Lilly Grinstaff, 39.28, Mrs. Nutter

Second Grade Champions: Boy – Peyton Dehaven, 34.05**, Mrs. Mathena; Girl – Claire Parker, 36.95, Mrs. Miller

A total of 150 students qualified and participated.
**There were four new school records set in grade K-2**