SAS team wins at US Grappling World Championships

Members of the Lewisburg Jiu Jitsu’s Adult Competition Team: Ricardo Mendes (left), Adam Martin, and Bob McCoy.

Both kids and adults from Lewisburg Jiu Jitsu’s Competition Team competed in Richmond, VA at the US Grappling Submission Only World Championships.

These local competitors were eager to put their hard work and dedication to the test by stepping on the mats to face their opponents.

Lewisburg Jiu Jitsu’s Kid’s Competition Team made their way to the medal podium multiple times. This strong team of Lucas Mendes, Keegan Barron, John Bryan, Jean-Marc Suteau, Pierre Suteau, Aidan Wiles, Kaden McMillion, Haley Ford, and Ethan Ford competed with guts and grace!

The Adult’s Competition Team was comprised of veteran competitors Adam Martin, Bob McCoy, and Ricardo Mendes, along with newcomer, Kameron Huffman. Martin and McCoy both took home silver medals for their divisions while Huffman won gold.

“When someone steps on the mats at our Academy, they are stepping on a warrior’s field. We train hard and we compete hard,” said Adam Martin, Lewisburg Jiu Jitsu’s owner and coach. “I never feel so alive as when I step on the mat to compete. There is no place on earth I would rather be,” concluded Martin.

Lewisburg Jiu Jitsu is a member of SAS Team Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This unique sport focuses on grappling and is the ultimate form of ground fighting.

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