Richlands Ruritan Club learns about writers’ inspiration


The June meeting of the Richlands Ruritan Club was called to order by President Wilson Bland in the Fellowship Hall of the Calvary Methodist Church at 7 p.m. Sam Tuckwiller led the club in singing one verse of “America.” Byron Tuckwiller gave the blessing. The meal was prepared by Byron and Trish Tuckwiller.

Roll was called, following by a reading of the minutes for the May 13 meeting. A motion to approve the minutes as read was made by Jim Jeffries, and approved by voice vote.

The treasurer’s report was made by Sam Tuckwiller. The balance on hand was $4,059. Only two members have not paid their dues. The treasurer will prepare for submission the 990 Tax Report. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Frank Tuckwiller and seconded by Ken Gassaway. The treasurer’s report was approved by voice vote.

The Flag Pole committee made a report. The church has approved the location of the flag pole outside the basement door. It was agreed to use the flag pole with a solar panel, and daylight sensor. C. Gillian will buy the pole and two flags. The estimated cost is $800.

Frank Tuckwiller, zone lieutenant governor, noted that the Clintonville Ruritan club will have a yard sale as a fund raiser. May is the anniversary month of the founding of Ruritans. In recognition of this anniversary, the club with the oldest sign will have its sign replaced by the National HQ. The district is raffling off a grandfather clock as a fund raiser. A motion was made by Sam Tuckwiller to use half of tonight’s raffle money to buy tickets for this raffle. The motions was seconded by Ken Gassaway and approved by voice vote.

The half and half raffle was won by Sam Tuckwiller. Sam donated his winnings to the club to buy 10 tickets to the district grandfather clock.

Ad sales for the Lower WV District convention program will start after the July picnic meeting. The deadline to turn in money to Jim Jeffries is Sept. 15.

Tutee Jones has inquired about joining the club. No one voiced any objection her membership.

The speaker for the meeting was local author Belinda Anderson. Her topic was “the story behind the story,” or how writers get inspiration for their stories. Anderson referred to famous authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Frank Baum and Daphne Du Maurier. Anderson also drew on her personal experiences in creating her book, “Buckle Up Buttercup.” Anderson’s works are sold at Mountain State Press and may be purchased at the Tamerack gift store. The club voted to donate $50 in the name of Belinda Anderson to the Alderson Public Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. by President Bland after the Pledge of Allegiance.