ReStore in WSS helps Habitat for Humanity, keeps items out of landfills

Donations by the truck load have come into the ReStore since it opened in White Sulphur Springs last May. The donated items are cleaned up, sold to the general public, and the proceeds go to support Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity’s building of houses for low-income families.

Materials have come from home remodeling projects, home redecorating projects, and deconstruction projects. Homeowners and contractors generously give items for resale. Some of those items are skylights, windows, doors, patio doors, screens, kitchen cabinets, molding, stoves, lights, washers, dryers, toilets, sinks, shower curtain bars, soap holders, shelving, wall cabinets, blinds, heating units, electric switches, ceiling fans, couches, chairs, bed frames, tables, miscellaneous hardware, and much, much more.

Some new materials are used in the building of a partner family’s home, which helps keep the cost of construction down. Household building materials that would otherwise have gone to a landfill are sold to the general public. ReStore patrons come in for a variety of reasons such as to find furniture, or construction items, or for the materials that can be used in household or craft projects.

Donating to the ReStore is one of the best ways to keep items out of landfills and to help support the building of Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity homes. If you are refurbishing your home, or if you are a contractor, consider giving the items that are no longer in use so the ReStore can re-purpose them. The phone number is 304-536-9190. For more information, visit Donations are accepted during the store’s open hours.

Also, consider giving a financial donation to help Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity’s partner families by going to to make your contribution online.


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