RES student wins Young Writers Contest for first and second grade


Jaina Crookshanks

On Feb. 15, Jaina Crookshanks, daughter of Jeremy Crookshanks and Sarah Greenwald of Ronceverte, was announced to be Greenbrier County’s Young Writers Contest winner for the first and second grades.

Her story, titled “Chickens Can’t Fly” will go on to compete in the West Virginia State Young Writers Contest in Charleston.

Jaina is a second grade student in the classroom of Deborah W. Johnson at Ronceverte Elementary School. “Jaina is a creative and talented student, with a wonderful imagination. I’m very proud of her accomplishments,” said Johnson.

Since 1984, the Young Writers Contest has been held under the auspice of the WV Writing Project. It is managed by CWVWP at MUGC with the help of the state Department of Education. Young Writers Contest, which is funded by the WV Department of Education and supported by Marshall University Graduate College, the University of Charleston, and the Charleston Daily Mail, has grown to showcase and honor student writers in grade 1-12 in all 55 counties. Over 800 students, teachers, parents and family members attended the celebration day last year at the University of Charleston. Such outstanding participation symbolizes the importance of writing for students and their teachers in West Virginia.

Crookshanks, along with other Greenbrier County winners, were recognized at the March Board of Education meeting. “I would like to thank Mrs. Lynn R. Bostic, Greenbrier County BOE; Director of Elementary Education, Title I, Adult Education, and Greenbrier School of Practical Nursing for spearheading the Young Writers Competition,” said Johnson.

Chickens Can’t Fly

Hello my name is Sam and I’m a chicken. I live on a farm in California and I have two brothers whose names are Jack and John. One day I went to talk to the cows about Jack’s birthday party. When I walked up to the pen by the barn, they said, “Hello, Ms. No Fly  Flappy Feathers! I said, “Excuse me. That is not my name.” The cow said, “We know. We called you Ms. No Fly Flappy Feathers because you have wings but you cannot fly. I was thinking to myself, “I never thought about it that way before.”

After thinking hard on the matter, I told the cows, “I will fly! Just watch me!” I went up onto the roof of the barn where everyone in the barn yard could see me. I jumped off the roof without even stopping to think and surprisingly, I flew! Well, maybe glided is a better word for it. I hate to admit it but I scared myself.

As I was landing, before I touched the ground Farmer Bill’s dog named Bingo jumped and bit my wing! He is mean to everyone. When he bit into my wing, I fell and got hurt. The whole barn yard gasped! Even the cows who had made fun of me were concerned.

My wing ended up being broken and I had to wear a cast for a month. That sure made laying eggs hard. Farmer Bill was so angry he sent Bingo to the pound and picked out a beautiful golden retriever to take his place on the farm. He named him Lucky. Lucky was nice to all the animals.

To this day, that’s why all chickens say, “Chickens can’t fly, so just call us No Fly Flappy Feathers.”

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