Republicans the party of Trump

Dear Editor:

On a recent trip to Wal-mart I was confronted with a new political sign: Five “well fed” old white men in business suits and red ties promoting West Virginians for Trump. This reminded me of a Judge Kramer story.

Judge Kramer was a well liked but crusty Greenbrier County Circuit Judge. One of the least liked local lawyers decided to run against him for judge. A young Charleston lawyer arrived to argue his case in the middle of the election campaign. He announced to Judge Kramer, “I will be brief, as I know your opponent his out meeting the public.” Judge Kramer snorted back: “Young fellow, you take all the time you like. While he’s out meeting the public, the public is also meeting him.”

The point is: the public needs to listen to the message the Republicans are sending. This is not the respected Republican Party of old, this is the Party of Trump. This Republican Party has no platform. This is the party that promotes its public image by putting up a poster showcasing corpulent old white men wearing business suits.

I wear a business suit to court. But I have to drive a hundred miles to even buy one. Outside Court, does anyone still wear a suit?

Who are the Trumpites trying to identify with? Why no working people? No women? No young people? God knows I shouldn’t mention they don’t include any people of color! They don’t look like West Virginians at all.

Even their candidate for Delegate is wearing a suit.

Ben Anderson, the Republican Chairman said “President Donald Trump, quite possibly our best advocate in the White House that West Virginia has ever experienced.”

In Ben’s Defense, he made this statement before it came out that Trump called servicemen “suckers” and POW “losers.” These statements of Trump have been confirmed by such sources as Fox New, CNN and others. Of course this is consistent with many other similar statements made by Trump when he mocked Gold Star Mothers and the handicapped.

West Virginians are decent people. They don’t want their children to be like Trump and they know they aren’t included in that group of old men in business suits. The public is meeting the party of Trump.

Paul Detch

Chairman: Greenbrier Country Democratic

Executive Committee

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