In reply to Mr. Tuckwiller

Dear Mr. Tuckwiller:
In your vitriolic attempt to discredit Hillary Clinton you dismissed the current legal system, intimated that she was involved in the “murders” of 4 men associated with the DNC, without naming them, and denigrated the state university system that raised this country’s poor illiterate into a middle class the envy of the rest of the civilized world.
I am 84 years old, with less ahead of me than you, but with the welfare of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren constantly in my thoughts. The alternative to Hillary Clinton is a man who consistently speaks from ignorance, prejudice and a licentious disregard for women. Hillary Clinton is a politician, that in itself a condemnation of sorts. However she is intelligent, educated and concerned for the people of this country who have already or are sliding into inescapable poverty.
Have you a reasonable alternative to the election of Hillary Clinton as our next president? We are listening.
Sarah S. Allen

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