Millennials Beware Socialism = Mass Poverty Hillary = Socialism

Dear Editor:
Last week I discussed Equal under the Law, Free Education, Fair Trade versus Free Trade, and Criminal Justice, and an old Saying.
Several significant things have happened since Thursday of last week. Candidate Trump was taped saying disgusting words about women, Candidate Clinton ha d one of her e-mails released saying she is for open borders, free trade, and that politicians had to have two positions, one for private and one for public audiences. Let’s address these before we get to the meat of this discussion.
1. My Mother always told me that “sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you,” and showed me that a paddling hurts. Candidate Trump’s words uttered 11 years ago will be forgotten in a year or two and evidently caused no physical or moral injury as no women assaulted Trump or sued Trump for injuries received. This suggests young ladies and women should receive courses on how to physically, morally, and/or legally respond (their choice) to filthy words or unwanted physical or sexual touching. It’s hard to believe a majority of the voting women of America will willingly subject their children and grandchildren to an America of open borders and a living Constitution with free everything.
2. Hillary’s words, on the other hand, if carried out in the future, will have atomic type effects. Open borders will mean millions of immigrants will arrive annually from all parts of the world and will only stop when the conditions in the United States are equal to or worse than their country of origin. Our schools would be overcrowded and each language required would be impossible. Our welfare programs would be drained to nothing and money would have to be printed or borrowed. Our citizens would be competing for jobs with immigrants and our standard of living would drop to the level of the immigrants. Hillary’s stated desire to appoint Supreme Court Justices that believe in a living Constitution would mean the confiscation of all guns as the meaning of the 2”d Amendment would be reinterpreted. And, with Hillary’s belief in one policy for the public and another policy for private conversations would mean a continuance of lies on every issue discussed. Without guns the thugs i.e. Black Lives Matter or KKK, would be free to enforce their will through sheer physical force which only the young and strong can resist.
3. Economy/jobs. The United States Government has over the past 15 years reduced the labor participation rate to unheard of levels (63+/-%) while the change in calculating unemployment rate has reduced this statistic to as low as 4.8%. When you consider Trump wants to reduce the corporation tax from 35% to 15%, leave the highest federal income tax rate at 35%, make child care for those under $250,000 income tax deductible, provide 6 weeks paid maternity leave, reduce federal income taxes on the middle class, expand our energy production, including renewables which will reduce our negative balance of payments, seal our borders so only legal immigrants may cross, and reduce by as many as possible the restrictions placed on small business in the name of safety or health that stymy small business creation and growth, and renegotiate our trade treaties. Trump, with these changes, would present the businesses in the US with the opportunity, optimism and anticipated profits to expand and the desire to create small businesses. This provides the possibility for the economy to grow which will increase the quality of life and the monetary means to reduce the deficit and the debt. Hillary wants to increase all taxes, particularly on those who make more than $250,000, invest in infrastructure paying for this by taxing the rich, provide free college and eliminate student loans paying for this by taxing the rich, instituting an open border policy with free trade across the Americas (I assume paying for room, board, education and health care} and appointing Supreme Court Justices who believe in a living constitution.
4. Advice. This election will impact your life, the life of your children and grandchildren. This election will determine if you shall have freedom of opportunity, freedom of education, freedom to succeed or fail and freedom of religion. You must understand there is no such thing as FREE! Vote for freedom as outlined in our constitution or the high cost of FREE.
Frank Tuckwiller

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