Renick shooting leaves one injured

By Sarah Richardson

A shooting in Greenbrier County over the weekend left one man injured with multiple gunshot wounds. On August 28 at roughly 9 p.m., officers were notified via 911 dispatch of a gunshot wound in Renick. Responding officers were advised that Dalton Legg, 20, allegedly shot and injured Christopher Barnhart multiple times.

The criminal report states the officers “arrived on scene of the residence approaching observing a male lying face down on the porch with his hands out in front of him, and a woman standing in the doorway. Both officers approached securing a male identified as Dalton Legg.”

Officers discovered several 38 special cartridges in Legg’s pockets, along with car keys and a throwing star.

The report states the officer “spotted the victim being identified as Christopher Barnhart was lying to the left of the living room in the doorway of the bathroom. Mr. Barnhart advised that he was shot and was holding his right arm.” Barnhart also has a “wound in the left abdomen,” which the officer applied pressure to until EMS arrived.

The report states that Barnhart “advised that he was shot and that he kept telling Mr. Legg ‘don’t shoot me.’”

Police found a “silver type revolver pistol” on top of the couch, which was then secured.

The officers also “further observed a bullet hole that had gone through the TV stand further exiting the back that appeared to have struck Mr. Barnhart. Mr. Barnhart appeared to have three wounds on his person. He appeared to have a gunshot wound to his left and right arm and one to his left abdomen.”

Upon interviewing the homeowner, she advised she was in her bedroom when she heard “several gunshots,” and came into the living room and found Legg “standing over” Barnhart.

She asked for Legg to give her the gun, which he did, before she turned her attention to helping Barnhart.

Legg went on to provide a recorded statement where he said that “people were out to get him and stalking him.” He advised that he had “done some methamphetamine approximately an hour before this officer arrived and that he had shot his friend.” He said he was sorry, and that he and Barnhart were arguing, and Legg stated “people were following him and Barney was one of them and that he shot him.”

Barnhart was transported to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center to receive treatment and make a statement.

Legg is being housed at Southern Regional Jail with one charge of malicious assault and bail set at $35,000.


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