Rainelle Police and Fire Departments lead in cheering Greenbrier West Football Champions off to State Tournament

Rainelle Mayor Andrea J. “Andy” Pendleton called on all area citizens to line Main Street Friday afternoon to cheer the Greenbrier West High School football team.

Greenbrier West High School football team is headed to Wheeling Island to vie with Madonna for the State division A championship.

“Friday afternoon, the team enjoy an early dinner of spaghetti, lasagna and chicken alfredo and desserts buffet at J&S Restaurant and start through town about 4:30 on Friday afternoon,” Pendleton said. “Rainelle Police and Fire Departments will escort the team bus down Major Jackie Sanford Street and Kanawha Boulevard, and we hope that the streets are lined with well-wishers.”

“Let’s come out and cheer our champion,” Pendleton said. “Let’s show our students our pride and love for them.”

Paul Raine at the Rainelle Western Auto said that tour busses are taking fans to Wheeling. Cost of the seat on the bus and ticket to the game is $70.

We are filling up one bus, and will get a second if enough people want to go,” Raine said.

The bus or busses will depart from the Armory in Rainelle around noon on Saturday. On the way to the game at Wheeling Island, they will stop for refreshments and will tour the holiday lights at Oglebay Park. Busses will return to Rainelle after the game.

Greenbrier West High School is also organizing school busses to take fans to the game in Wheeling. Busses will depart the Armory area around noon and will return late Saturday night. Cost of $15 per seat includes ticket to the game.

For further information, contact Mayor Andrea J. “Andy” Pendleton at 304-438-7191 or via email at andypen241@icloud.com.

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