PSC promotes Budget Billing Plans for natural gas and electric utility service

With cooler weather just around the corner, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia reminds consumers that budget billing and average monthly payment plans offered by utility companies can make a significant difference to your finances by spreading the cost of energy used during high-demand periods over the full year. These plans average your total yearly usage into more manageable monthly bills so customers won’t see significant increases due to winter heating or summer cooling bills and helps customers to set a more consistent household budget.
Upon the customer’s request, a utility company will review the usage history. Based on that information and expected energy prices, the company will determine monthly billing amounts. Customers will be billed for that amount throughout the budget billing period, which usually runs for 12 months.
Each utility company has slightly different budget periods and plans available. Customers who are interested in either a budget plan or an average monthly payment plan should contact their utility company for more specific information.