A new look in adventure products

bradypacks1 BradypacksBy David Esteppe
At press time, a subsidiary within Together Jobs of Greenbrier County called Brady Packs will have launched on www.indiegogo.com.
When area teenager Brady Mickey was recently partaking in a 25 mile overnight hiking trip with family and friends, all the while fighting the good fight against pancreatic cancer, the idea of Brady Packs was sparked. After five miles carrying his own materials for the trip, Mickey had to slowly dole out the responsibility to others for carrying the load. His comrades then felt overwhelmed themselves.
A backpack and trailer set have been engineered and built as an ingenious solution to both ontrail and off hiking or biking needs in regards to equipment and supplies. The backpack and trailer are both made of poplar wood. The backpack holds two square feet of materials and is a light padded solid wood structure which aids in posture and support. It comes in three sizes.
The trailers are also made of poplar, a light, medium hardwood which glues easily and has great screw retention. Being extremely light, engineered for strength and easy to pull, the trailers use the best bicycle type air-filled tires and can be pulled by its 1-inch ball hitch by your own backpack, bicycle or even just a belt-pack. The trailer comes in two sizes.
Brady Mickey is not only the inspiration for Brady Packs, he is an officer of the company, and will receive five percent of the sales. Visit www.bradypacks.com for more information and videos about the project. The packs and trailers are manufactured by Together Jobs.
Along with a board of trustees and initial financial backers, area entrepreneur Denny Barker has spent many years designing, testing and readying for manufacturing some amazing products. Under the umbrella company. Together Jobs, the mission is to create a unique labor force and reignite the theme “Made in America.”
The unique workforce will be composed of veterans and under-employed West Virginians first. and then throughout America, as the products of Together Jobs will eventually be produced locally within most states. Everyone hired will be trained by a highest caliber craftsman to do the manufacturing.
Together Jobs is an industrial and commercial cooperative, a club. “Instead of selling you a membership card, we sell you a product worth more than the membership, and use real people to make those products,”’ says Barker.
According to Barker, there is a one-two punch with this week’s launch. Crowd-funding will be followed by the determination to have a credit union for members of Together Jobs. The members include everyone who purchases a product, as well as everyone in the manufacturing process. This formula is already being used very successfully in the United States. Barker directs us to watch the YouTube video from the company Flow Hives. This company “s crowd-funding campaign sold millions of dollars’ worth of hand-crafted bee-hives within a few short months, hence creating many jobs while providing a valuable made-in-the-USA product.
Together Jobs is the labor force for several small entrepreneurial companies and will provide the engineering, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and accounting for each company. As products begin to sell more, the labor force will grow accordingly.
Visit www.togetherjobs.com for more information about each project.
“It is our mission to repeat the successes of other crowd-funded companies of recent time and to get a large number of our unemployed West Virginian’s to work within a few short months. This is our first of several product launches which will occur very soon. We are ready to ship both the packs and trailers right now. And in this case every purchase will also positively impact the Mickey family as they continue on their son’s journey fighting cancer,” concludes Barker.

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