Miluk’s ‘Mat’ ters – March 2, 2019

I will miss Cayden Hoover and Bruce Humphreys! The State Wrestling Tournament often brings many emotions.

It brings excitement, anxiety, jubilation, fear, heartbreak, joy and sadness. Yes, sometimes it brings sadness. I am sad that the four-year career of Bruce Humphreys and Cayden Hoover are coming to an end. They are truly great people! However, I am also very proud of their accomplishments on and off the mat. I was lucky and blessed to have been influenced by their presence. Cayden and Bruce will be making their final college decisions soon and I expect nothing short of greatness in their future. “Be a good person first, then be a good wrestler” is our creed and these two young men epitomized this phrase. I often tell our wrestlers that “you cannot have great memories without great moments!” Bruce and Cayden will have great memories!

Trivia: At the AAA State Wrestling Championships this past weekend, only one wrestler in the whole wrestling tournament pinned four opponents. Can you name that wrestler?

Upcoming events and highlights: I believe that the State Wrestling Championships are not a destination. They are just a part of the ‘big journey!’ This past weekend we qualified 10 wrestlers. However, due to sickness and appendicitis, we left two at home. Of the eight wrestlers, seven of them won matches. Our top finishers were Nick Thomas (8th), Alex Zimmerman (8th), Cayden Hoover (7th) and Zach Mullins was on the podium at 4th. Place. We scored the third most points in school history. We were 15 points from finishing in the top 10 again. Here is the great news: we will return 10 State Qualifiers, eight Regional Finalists, two State Place-winners and three Captains. The future looks bright. I am excited and fired up!!

EGMS update:  It’s exciting to see that some of our wrestlers are getting ready for the tournament trail with some local and national tournaments. Hard work = success!

Eastern Greenbrier Wrestling Club: Another great season with many great moments from the youth team. You will soon recognize many of their names in the wrestling world.

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Miluk humor: My wife told me that I twist everything that she says to my advantage. I take that as a compliment. Ha!

Trivia answer: The only AAA wrestler to pin four opponents during the state tournament this year was our very own Zach Mullins. Zach pinned four wrestlers on his way to place fourth in the state. He is a pinning machine!


Greenbrier East High School Wrestler of the Week

Name: Waymon Browning

Grade: 11th Grade

GPA: 3.35

Parents: Joey Browning and Sarah Browning and Elisha Jenkin

Record: 27-11 (16 Pins)

Highlight: 3X State Qualifier

Quote: “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy. “

Coach’s Comment: “Waymon has the ability to succeed. If he follows his quote, he can be both happy and successful. We believe in Waymon.”

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