Miluk’s ‘Mat’ ters – January 27, 2018


Wow! So much has happened since last week. Sit back grab your coffee and enjoy. Let’s start off with being Greenbrier County Champions!

Yep, the wrestlers knocked off the #2 State Ranked Greenbrier West Cavaliers 33 – 24. There was a great crowd with a lot of passion, loyalty and pride. Thank you to all the loyal fans from both schools for setting the atmosphere. It was a night to remember. As I tell our wrestlers all the time, “You cannot have great memories without great moments!” (Meanwhile, there was probably a person who stayed at home to watch Jeopardy for the 10th time this month… P.S. Alex Trebek will not give the eulogy at your funeral.) Get out and support your community. I love this community!

The wrestlers also went to the Big Blue Tournament in Virginia and 10 wrestlers placed. Landen Hoover (8th), Cayden Hoover (5th), Austin Dilly (4th), Levi Hobbs (3rd), Colby Piner (4th), Jacob Hefner (3rd), Leslie Campbell (8th), Jacob Thomas (3rd), Aaron Davis (3rd) and Drew Bashlor (4th). Jacob Hefner also won the ‘Jackie Toney Scholarship Award’ as a Top Scholar-Athlete.  I love this team and the passion they have to represent Greenbrier County with class and pride!

Trivia: How do you spell wrestling?

Upcoming events and highlights: Saturday, Jan. 27, we are going to Shady Spring High School for the ‘Appalachian Fasteners Invitational’ Tournament. It starts at 9 a.m. We honored our seniors at the match against Beckley last Thursday. (After this article was written) I will recognize them next article. Bottom line… I am blessed with their presence!

E.G.M.S. update: The E.G.M.S. Wrestlers travelled to Huntington for the WSAZ Tournament. Brad Blevins placed 5th. Congratulations! It is the toughest middle school tournament in West Virginia.

Eastern Greenbrier Wrestling Club:  This Wrestling Club is BIG-TIME! They continue to work hard and SUCCEED. (What a coincidence) Every weekend they continue to shine. They may have to get their own article each week soon. We’ll call it ‘Little Lessons’ or ‘Godby’s Gossip’.

See Coach Miluk or one of our current Wrestlers about our ‘Adopt a Wrestler’ program. It’s a Great way to support our team and follow the success of our Wrestlers.

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Miluk humor: Arguing with my wife is a lot like trying to read the “Terms of Use” on the internet. In the end you just give up and go “I Agree.” So true!

Trivia answer: EXACTLY! It’s WRESTLING… Not Rasslin’. School wrestling.

Greenbrier East Wrestler of the Week:

Bruce Humphreys

Name: Bruce Humphreys

Grade: Junior

G.P.A.: 3.875

Parents: Melissa Humphreys/Ted Humphreys

Record: 20-11 (10 Pins)

Highlight: PikeView Champion

Quote: “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Coach’s Comment: Bruce is a great person. End of story! I believe that good things happen to good people. So, I can expect greatness from Bruce as a person. He is the total team player and he proves it by his actions. He has come a long way!

Eastern Greenbrier Wrestler of the Week:

Name: Brad Blevins

Grade: 8th Grade

G.P.A.: 3.675

Parents: Kevin Blevins/Johanna Blevins

Record: 20-6 (11 Pins)

Highlight: County Champion

Quote: “It’s better to be a good loser, than a sore winner.”

Coach’s Comment: Brad is ready to compete and succeed at the high school level. His work ethic puts him up near the top. We are looking forward to great things from Brad!