Dear Editor:
Yes – Mr. Greg Zafros, now we have a chance to reward the doers and the makers of this country and re-educate all of those “college students” who neither make nor do and are so traumatized by finally not receiving a participation award when their idol lost. We now have a chance of:
Fewer restrictions on small business.
Reduced taxes on all businesses regardless of size.
Opportunity to repatriate Two Trillion Dollars of US company profits.
Better medical care for veterans than for illegal immigrants.
Equal justice as proscribed by the constitution for all Americans and, yes, illegal immigrants.
Chance for middle America to receive the benefits of Free Trade that does not cost $530 Billion each year. Just think what fair trade that balances the trade deficit would do for this country, the doers and makers would have an extra $530 Billion to spend each year.
Terminating the affordable care act and redoing it so that it does not bankrupt this country.
Growing the economy so we can reduce the National Debt.
And finally, a chance for the Democrat Party to return to its roots and escape their march to dictatorship by “Elites for Elites.” Yes, the Democrats need to also rid themselves of the “Big Government Is Better Crowd.” And, Mr. Zafros, it would be nice to meet you one of these days, and it’s a small world.
Frank Tuckwiller

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