The Highlands Group and Catterton Capital Mgmt, LLC to Anthony Village Property Owners Assoc., 9.9 Acres, Frankford Dist.
Carl E. Wade to Joshua D. Coats, Parcel I-156 Acres; Parcel II-75 Acres; Parcel III-42 Acres, Anthony Creek Dist.
Lloyd C. Harbaugh to Lloyd C. Harbaugh, Linda L. Harbaugh and Debbie Gail Hanson, Lot #15, Atkinson Place Addition, White Sulphur Springs
Linda D. Thompson to Melissa Potamkin Ganzi, 0.42 Acre, City of Lewisburg
Thomas E. Withrow and Anna M. Withrow to Cameron L. Altizer and Rosella Altizer, 0.94 Acre, Frankford Dist.
Stone Financing, LLC to Danny E. Starkey and Dayleen H. Starkey, Parcel I-2.08 Acres; Parcel II-2.05 Acres, Meadow Bluff & Quinwood Dist.
Ricky R. Reeves to Sean Thomas Davies, 3.75 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.
Julia Riggs Day to James L. Eagles and Carol A. Eagles, Lot #9, Block 1, Garner-Detch Addition, Lewisburg Magisterial Dist.
James Kermit Holliday and Dorris Jean Holliday to Bradley McClung and Kasandra McClung, 7.25 Acres, Blue Sulphur Dist.
Kathleen D. Winter to Palace Properties, LLC, 2.01 Acres, Falling Spring Dist.
Joseph Lee Musser to Action Remodeling & Handyman Services, LLC. Lot #4, Revised Caldwell Addition, White Sulphur Municipality
Ashley N. Morgan to Stephen M. Hicks, 0.49 Acre, Meadow Bluff Dist.
Sarah Banton Fitzwater to April Dawn McClure, 10 Acres, Lewisburg Dist.
Joseph Deitz and Crystal Deitz to Christopher Deitz and Krystal Deitz, Tract I-6 Acres; Tract II-14,300 Sq Ft, Meadow Bluff Dist.
Hilda G. Alderman to Brandon J. Trescott and Angela G. Trescott, 2 Acres, Anthony Creek Dist.
Judith A. Dillon to Robert N. Cole and Karon A. Cole, Tract I-57 Acres; Tract II-2 Acres; Tract lII-25 Acres; Tract IV-69 Acres, Anthony Creek Dist.
Marie Ray to Charles C. Keen and Ashley N. Keen, Parcel I-Lots # 17, 18, 19, 20, 21; Parcel II-Lots #22, 23, Block 29, Subdivision #1, Town of Rupert
Robin P. Spence to Rebecca Spence-Dobias, Sadie Spence and Richard Wayne Dulee, Lot #10, Block 2, Seneca Estate Addition, City of Lewisburg
Joseph M. Vincent and Linda M. Vincent to Michael E. Vincent and David A. Vincent, 80 Acres, Williamsburg Dist.
Mary M. Fullen and Floyd D. Fullen to Keith A. Reynolds and Elizabeth F. Reynolds, 0.69 Acre, Irish Corner Dist.
Joseph A. Honaker, Paul T. Honaker, et al to Barbara J. Hedrick, 0.985 Acre, Irish Corner Dist.