Local Scouts travel to The Netherlands for the Haarlem Jamborette event

Boy Scout Troop 70 set to travel to The Netherlands to participate in the Haarlem Jamborette scouting gathering: Assistant Scout Master Ryan Keesee (left), scout members Sam Rife, Colby Hughes, Alden Flowers, Graham Clemons, Ryan Meadows, Brandon Cruz, Scout Master Cliff Baker, scout members Calvin Roberts, Dawson Trusty, Zachary Reed, Cole Morgan and Andrew Angus. (Not pictured: Troop Communications Chairman Duane Zobrist and scout members Chase Zobrist and Cameron Zobrist). Troop 70 is chartered to the Lewisburg United Methodist Church, where they regularly hold their meetings.

Boy Scout Troop 70 left for The Netherlands on July 16 for a 24-day tour of the country.

The 13 troop members and three scout leaders will participate in the Haarlem Jamborette, a European scout gathering to be held at Haarlem, The Netherlands. The 10-day event will be attended by scouts from all over Europe. While Troop 70 participates in Jamborette ceremonies in Haarlem, the Bechtel Summit in Fayette County will host the 24th World Scout Jamboree with 43,000 scouts attending.

Troop 70’s European itinerary includes visiting the Rijks Museum and the van Gogh Museum, exploring North Holland and Amsterdam, touring the Ann Frank house, biking to Ft. Eben-Emael in Belgium and taking a train to Maastricht to tour museums and castles there. They will also visit the American Cemetery and Memorial, the only American military cemetery in the Netherlands, where rest 8,291 U.S. World War II military dead. During their stay the scouts will be hosted by the Kameleon Kinheim scout troop in Haarlem.

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