Kids’ College Newspaper comes to Mountain Messenger

Front Row: Amelia Tomlinson (left), Levi Beale, Cooper Hanes, and Oliver Tomlinson; Second Row: Theo Crowell (left), Anna Lee Brady, Wayne Hutchins, Emily Warthan, Jayden Beale, Sarah Cornelius, and Guthrie Holmes; Back Row: Sarah Hann (left), Kids’ College instructor, Stella Baldwin, Kids’ College volunteer, Skylar Shockley, Guy Koenig, and Jimmy Gregg (Photo by Peggy Mackenzie)

The Kids’ College Newspaper class of 14 children and youth came to visit the Mountain Messenger offices on Court Street last Friday to meet with the editorial staff to learn more about how news stories become items in the paper, both in print and online.

Despite their youth, the well prepared and enthusiastic class displayed their knowledge of newspapering, as they peppered the editor with questions. Several described stories they had written for their class at Kids’ College, all of which were wide-ranging, suitable topics of interest for a newspaper. The kids created the first edition of the Kids’ College Times, printed at Carnegie Hall on Friday, July 12, 2019.

This is the first year Kids’ College Newspaper has been offered at Carnegie Hall. Kids’ College is a two-week summer arts and science day camp, held every July at Carnegie Hall. Children in grades Kindergarten through seven can enroll in up to five different classes a day. Next year’s Kids’ College dates will be held during the weeks of July 6-10 and July 13-17, 2020.