Lewisburg House and Garden Club enjoy field trip to Clifton Forge

Members of the Lewisburg House and Garden Club enjoyed a field day in the historic Clifton Forge, VA area planned by Peggy Brown, vice president/program chairman, leaving Lewisburg at nine o’clock in the morning for their first stop at Greenbrier Farm Garden at Eagle Rock, VA, where Johnny Diehl, manager, described the variety of vegetables grown for the resort in White Sulphur Springs.
Next stop was at the Arts and Crafts Shop in downtown Clifton Forge and then on to the Jack Mason Tavern for lunch. And – to the piece de resistance – the Ridgley Historic Gardens of Clifton Forge owned by Donald Roberts for an afternoon tour of the beautiful restored garden by Roberts.
Members present were: Townley Hamilton, Pat Wingo, Polley Cunningham, Mary Jo Thompson, Mary Lindquist, Judy Deegans, Peggy Brown and Barabara Tuckwiller with guests Susan Ernst and Susan McKinney.
Garden tours continue with the July 22 meeting scheduled for the Spencer back yard garden.


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