Lawsuit involving photos taken at fatal UPS truck crash

By David Esteppe

A lawsuit has been filed by the family of Jonathan Thomas, who died in a UPS truck accident in June 2012 after suffering from an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Angel Willis of Alderson and her former employer, Quinwood Emergency Medical Service are both defendants in the suit, which alleges the taking of cell phone pictures of Thomas’ body and crash scene unnecessarily, and distributing the photos within the community.

“The photographs were not for diagnostic or otherwise legitimate purposes,” the suit says.

The lawsuit alleges Quinwood EMS had prior knowledge of Angel Willis having previously participated in this same activity.

The plaintiffs, Thomas’ parents Darla J. Thomas and Lowell Thomas Jr., and sister Shena R. Thomas are asking for monetary compensation for injuries and damages for emotional distress and invasion of privacy.


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