Kesterson publishes book

Anna Kesterson

Anna Kesterson, a fifth grade teacher at Ronceverte Elementary School, is now a published author.

Her children’s book titled “Dapple’s Great Adventure” is now on sale at Amazon and at Barnes and Nobel. She is hoping to be in local book stores soon, as well as present some live readings on Youtube.

Kesterson’s book is based on her daughter Emma’s heifer, Dapple, and her first showing in  at the West Virginia State Fair in 2014. The whole family was worried about Dapple getting loose during the night when they were not there to look after her. Kesterson began thinking how silly that was, what trouble could a cow get into at the fair? The more she thought about it the more she realized – a lot of trouble!

“The book took about a year to write and another year to publish. I began sending it out to publishers for consideration. Two companies didn’t respond at all and the third, Page Publishing, did. Their philosophy is that they read everything submitted to their company and promptly respond to the author. I was involved in the process from start to finish. From choosing the style and color of the illustrations to the type of font for the print. My family allowed me to bounce pictures and ideas off them and gave me encouragement to keep going. It has been my life-long goal to be a published writer,” stated Kesterson. “With God all things are possible.”

In August there will be a Literary Festival in Lewisburg. Kesterson has been invited to have a book signing during the event, and hopes to be able to share her book with many patrons.

“The real ‘Dapple’ had a calf of her own in 2015 and just this past month, Dapple’s grandbaby was born. Who knows, there may be sequels in my future,” stated Kesterston.


Anna Kesterson


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