Help WV tear down Tobacco’s lies!

The American Lung Association in West Virginia is looking for new adult advisors for Raze, which is the West Virginia Youth Tobacco Prevention Movement. This is a great way to get teens involved in a positive community activity.

If you work with or volunteer with West Virginia teens in the 6th through 12th grades, there are still several $500 Raze Grants available. Schools and community youth groups such as churches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4-H are welcome.

The requirements to run a Raze movement are that you must have five members between the age of 11-18 and register commotions on the Raze website. Commotions are anti-tobacco activities and there are several examples to choose from listed on the website at

Once a Raze application is approved the organization will receive a $500 grant to run the movement and the adult advisor will also receive stipends for themselves once certain qualifications are met. Stipends are awarded twice a year for a total of $550. Travel reimbursements are also available for Raze events.

A grant application for Raze can be found on the Raze website at:

For more information please contact Megan Simpson at 304-342-6600 or at the American Lung Association in WV.


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