DAR meets at Dutch Haus Restaurant

The General Andrew Lewis Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution met at the Dutch Haus Restaurant on Sept. 18 for their first meeting for fiscal year 2014-15 with 21 members and applicants for membership present. Refreshments provided by Hostesses Sally Ford and Sandy Cowan were served prior to the meeting.

Sally Ford introduced Guest Speaker, Samantha T Shleser, state chairman of DAR Project Patriot. She announced that the Wounded Warrior Action Trackchair will be ready soon. Changes/additions needed to be made on one. The two wounded warriors from West Virginia chosen will receive them soon. She thanked our Chapter for helping make this happen by meeting our goal for donations to this project for FY2013-14.

Nada Smith outlined the career of Inis M. Gibbes, a member of the Hobkirk Hill chapter in South Carolina, the first female to graduate from an ROTC program in the State of South Carolina and to be commissioned a second lieutenant in the US Air Force.

Following the business meeting, Frances Simmons continued her reminders regarding respect for our flag. Regent Cowan reminded those present that bells rang in cities and towns across the country at four o’clock on Sept. 17 to begin the celebration of Constitution Week. Also noted was that Sept. 14 was the 200th anniversary of the poem, Star Spangled Banner, written by Frances Scott Key. The poem became our National Anthem.


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