Frankford resident named Appalachian Transition Fellow

Courtney Gillilan, a native of Frankford has been chosen to join The Appalachian Transition Fellowship, a year-long opportunity for 14 leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to Central Appalachia. This fellowships works to increase the connectivity and capacity of Appalachian institutions, communities, and leaders for shared analysis to facilitate regional transformation.

Courtney will be placed in Fairmont working on quality of life neighborhood plans through community based leadership. Courtney’s participation will not only increase the potential impact of this project, but also start building the necessary networks and pathways for leadership and job opportunities for remaining in Central Appalachia.

Being raised by the Appalachian mountains, and their people has created the path in which Courtney walks. As an alumni of High Rocks Educational Corporation, she learned where her passion truly lies, it lies within the protections, preservation and lifting up of the region. Through her work with The STAY Project, and connection to the Highlander Center, she has learned to concentrate that passion in a tangible way. Through this fellowship, she hopes to aid in the transition to a more just, and sustainable Appalachia for all people, with focus on the young folks and generations to come. When not working toward the betterment of the region, Courtney enjoys being outdoors, in the mountains, most of all. When asked why she does this work, the answer is simple, “I am Appalachia, we are all Appalachia.”

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