Famous Poets contest seeking entries

Famous Poets announces that $5,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded this year to amateur poets. Poets, especially beginners, are encouraged to enter for their chance to win.
famous poets Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe,
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
image courtesy of WikiImages / Pixabay

To enter send one poem of 21 lines or less: Free Poetry Contest, P.O. Box 21, Talent, OR 97540. Or enter on-line at A winner’s list will be sent to all entrants. The deadline for entering is Mar. 1.

“Any poet, whether published or not, can be a winner,” says Executive Director Mark Schramm. “When people learn about our free poetry contest, they suddenly realize that their own poetic talent can win cash prizes, as well as garner national recognition.” Famous Poets has awarded over $400,000 in cash to amateur poets over the years, more than any other poetry society. We are helping Poetry, the Cinderella of the Arts, find her glass slipper.

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