Family Fun Block Party ‘rousing success’



By Mason Haynes

(Photo by Mason Haynes)
Community members attending the block party are collecting free merchandise from the vendors.

Thursday afternoon was filled with laughter and excitement when a majority of the Rainelle community stepped out to attend the Family Fun Block Party. The community event is dedicated to supporting teens and middle-aged adults who are transferring to their next course of life.

Backpacks, clothing stands, and tables with job workshops were everywhere present at the event. Raffle prizes were also on display, including bikes, gift cards, and kayaks.

A team of local residents and civil service departments, took several days to plan and organize the event, said Lisa Snedegar, one of the head coordinators on the team. The goal of the event was to support adolescents in need, she said.

“This group is made up of my impact coalition,” Snedegar said. “Everything from the vendors, such as the food and clothing items, are free. It was sponsored by the teen pregnancy program at the Rainelle Medical Center, one of my partners who helped me plan this.”

Visitors from out of town were interested about the positive impact the Family Fun Block Party had to offer. Michael Kenway, who is a resident from Summers County, explained why he believes the event has a good impact for the youth in Rainelle.

(Photo by Mason Haynes)
Snake trainer allows kids to observe and touch the snakes as part of the Family Fun Block Party.

“I like this program because when I was in school I did not have support programs in which the entire town came together and gave free items to the children,” Kenway said. “Instead, my parents had to buy the stuff for me each year I was growing up.”

Families by the dozen also participated in the event to enjoy the attractions and prizes offered to the public. Megan Fisher was one of the local citizens who brought her three kids to the Family Fun Block Party and said she was happy to be part of the action.

“I think this place is fantastic because I was looking for a place for my kids to go outside and enjoy the fresh air around other people who just want to have fun,” Fisher said. “They are dancing to the music and talking to their friends, while my eldest daughter is swimming in the pool. Personally, I love this place because my kids are happy to be here.”

Snedegar said the Family Fun Block Party is an annual event to look forward to next year.