Elisa’s Eatery expands

Billy and Dawn Painter show a BBQ beef brisket sandwich.

New menu items and more than double the seating space mark the transition of Billy and Dawn Painter’s business, Elisa’s Eatery, from spring to summer.

This establishment has become a favorite of locals as well as visitors for their great hamburgers, paninis, and Ruben sandwiches (not to mention their great pies.)  Their salad bar is also a popular summer item.

Now they have expanded their seating space and have added BBQ beef brisket and pulled pork to the menu. Dawn Painter said, “We also have a new spicy chicken sandwich.”

Billy Painter added, “We just have the chopped beef brisket on Fridays and Saturdays but we have the pulled pork BBQ every day we are open.”

This is not fast food in the tradition of the national chain restaurants. “This is quality food made fresh,” said Dawn. “Sometimes we get a little backed up but quality food is worth it.”

Located at the end of the Alderson Memorial Bridge on the Monroe County side of Alderson in the Bridgewalk Shops building, Elisa’s Eatery is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

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