EGMS golf team plays 9 hole match at Lewisburg Elk’s Club course

The EGMS Golf team played a 9-hole match at the Lewisburg Elk’s Club Course Thursday afternoon, May 1. 19 boys and 3 girls from EGMS played. Sam Snyder, Jensen Brown and Scott Soucier did not attend due to being on a Show Choir trip. A team match was not played due to Western Greenbrier having only two players.

The individual scores for EGMS were: Gavin Ray 45, Brandon Barnes 47, Colin Wiley 47, Noah Hancock 47, Cameron Moore 49, Sam Jewell 51, DeAndre Griffith 51, Joshua White 52, Jacob Hefner 52, Philip Zambos 52, Will Roark 53, Drew Bashlor 55, Savannah Soucier 55, Justin Hylton 59, Kara Vaughan 59, Wyatt Lewis 60, Garrett Vaughan 60, Gabby Gessie 60, Seth Goodwin 61, Ryan Nuckles 66, Kyle Morgan 68 and Keegan Fitzgerald 68.

Western Greenbrier: Colby Brown 54 and Alex Ayers 66.

Pineville: Patrick Smith 36 (Medalist), Michael Growe 44, Hunter Cantrell 58 and Angela Vest 59.

Summers County: Jameson Hamm 55, Genna Jordan 59, Tiffany Cline 61, Krystina Gore and Tatum Fox 66.

EGMS has two more matches. On Thursday, May 8, 5 players were set to play at the Pipestem Par 3 and on Monday, May 12, 5 players will play at the Lewisburg Elk’s Club. Both matches will be against seven other schools.

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