J. Michael Anderson to Kenneth H. Yoakum, 1.053 Acres, Meadow Bluff Dist.

William I. Wolk and Marie Wolk to James R. Woodson and Lisa L. Circle, 4 Acres, Irish Corner District

Jerry L. Banton and Susan E. Banton to Jerry H. Banton and Richard A. Banton, Lot # 13, Fairfield Addition, Lewisburg Municipality

White Rock Land Ventures, LLC to Saeid Rahnavard and Shayda Mankooei, Lot #72, West Ridge Subdivision, White Sulphur District

Cynthia a. Peel to Kelli E. Martin, 0.39 Acre, Fort Spring District

WV Dept. of Transportation, DOH to Aviagen Turkeys, Inc., 9.473 Sq. Ft., Lewisburg District

Gene T. Hilton, III and Erica Abney Hilton to Patrick A. McHale and Amber D. McHale, 3.33 Acres, Lewisburg District

Morse Reese and Kathleen C. Reese to Gene T. Hilton, III and Erica A. Hilton, 0.437 Acre, City of Lewisburg

R. Wellington Johnson and Hilda S. Johnson, et al to Jeffrey W. Lushbaugh DBA Mt. Top Construction, Lot 415, Willow Bend Subdivision, Frankford Dist.

Sweet Grass Properties to Mark A. Hinkle, II and Garrett A. Hinkle, Lot #13, Phase I, Traditional Neighborhood Development, Lewisburg Tax District

Toby Blackburn and Lyneen Blackburn to Charles Feury and Wilma Feury, Parcel I – 10.7 Acres; Parcel II – 0.5 Acre, White Sulphur District

Lelia Given to West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Board of Governors, 19,701 Sq. Ft., City of Lewisburg

Estil E. Loudermilk and Janet L. Loudermilk to Eric Anthony Spencer and Linda Gale Spencer, 2 Acres, Frankford District

Tumcy Jones to Lynell W. Braught and Bobbie King, 6,360 Sq. Ft., White Sulphur Springs

Fern S. Carr and Dessell S. Puckett to Kitty S. Morton and David M. Morton, 1.26 Acre, Meadow Bluff District

Todd D. Krausman to Robert L. Lance and Linda A. Lance, 2.05 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Patrick Roberts to Patrick Roberts and Stuart Roberts, 4.26 Acres, Falling Spring District

Juan D. Robinson to JCAR Properties, LLC, 4,450 Sq. Ft., Town of White Sulphur Springs

Michael T. Zimmerman and Stephanie J. Zimmerman to W. Dean Hanson and Julie M. Hanson, 35.692 Acres, Lewisburg District

Glenn Clyde Simmons and Barbara Joan Simmons to Cheryl L. Bidish, 105 Acres & 8.65 Acres, Fort Spring District

Juan D. Robinson and Renee Robinson to JCAR Porperties, LLC, 3,760 Sq. Ft., White Sulphur Municipality

Linda M. Brackman to Dennis Richard Brackman, Sr., 244.586 Acres, Anthony Creek District

David O. Oberkircher and Kathleen M. Oberkircher to Mary Ellen Robins, Lot #1, Springhouse Cottages Neighborhood, The Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur District

Lonnie E. Fields and Shelia A. Fields to Luke A. Martin and Kayla R. Martin, 0.95 Acre, Meadow Bluff District

Jennifer G. Toler to Glen D. Gutshall, Jr. and Lisa Gutshall, 0.103 Acre, Meadow Bluff District

Rebecca Jenkins to The Greenbrier Sporting Club Dev. Co., Inc., Tract I – 2.658 Acres; Tract II – 1.407 Acres, White Sulphur District

William H. Mellott and Barbara L. Mellott to The Greenbrier Sporting Club Dev. LLC, 104.059 Acres, White Sulphur District

Claudette M. Hardesty and Kay M. Hardesty to Calvin W. Elmore and Terry K. Elmore, 10 Acres and 176 Acres, Fort Spring District

Dennis Richard Brackman, Sr. to Dennis Richard Brackman, Jr., Clifford Mason Brackman, Christopher Scott Brackman & Michael Ryan Brackman, 24.586 Acres, Anthony Creek District

Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity, Inc. to Sharon A. Ramsey and Crystal G. Looney, Lot #8, Summer Elms, White Sulphur District

Tamela L. Pyne to Walter H. Reynolds, Jr. and Alan Wayne Beckner, Lot #45, Fort Spring Estates Subdivision, Fort Spring District

Carolyn L. Johnston to Jennifer Lois Ritchie, Property I – Lots #4&5, Block H; Property II – Lot #6, Block H, Town of Quinwood

Crystal M. Young and Jaron Young to Sharon Shinaberry, 1 Acre, Anthony Creek District

Dennis D. Shankle and Lynda C. Shankle to Chelsea Lynn Workman, Lot #65, Town of Marfrance

Thomas William Roush to Pamela J. Ashley, Lots 4119, 120, 121, Alderson Addition, Alderson Corporation

Ruth A. Bennett by Jan Cahill, in his capacity of Sheriff of Greenbrier County to Earl D. Hanna and Betty L. Hanna, 32,216 Sq.Ft., Blue Sulphur District

Trudy Laurenson to Ian Laurenson and Erika Laurenson, 15.5 Acres, Falling Spring District Charles E. Weinstein and Barbara Weinstein to William H. Mellott and Barbara L. Mellott, 100.198 Acres, Fort Springs District

Teresa Wright, Dennis Martin, et al to Kala N. Thompson and Jordan S. Dameron, 2.24 Acres, Meadow Bluff District





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