Deeds 02-14-15

N. Ford Capen to Donald L. Martin and Garnet (Katie) Martin, Parcel 1: 23.162 Sq. Ft. & Parcel 2: 0.731 Acre, Rainelle Municipality

Mollie C. Bowling to Ronald W. Barnette and Joanna C. Barnette, 6.44 Acres, White Sulphur District

Sandra Leah Carper to Leah Carper Knight, 0.5 Acre, Anthony Creek Dist.

Barbara Lynn Parsons and Danny Parsons to Steven Parsons, 0.5 Acre, Anthony Creek District

Albert James Hagy, Norma Lee Hagy Roberts, et al to Daniel P. Flickinger, 1.4 Acres, Quinwood Municipality

David Roland Yoakum, Morris Allen Yoakum, et al to Morris Allen Yoakum, 5,000 Sq. Ft. & 1,250 Sq. Ft., Meadow Bluff District

Florian Schleiff and Margaret S. Schleiff to 207 Chestnut LLC, Property 1: 0.737 Acre & Property 2: 0.021 Acre, Lewisburg Corporation

Florian Schleiff to Brook’n Legg Farm, LLC, 147 Acres, Frankford District

Rene Houdyshell, Norma Jean Luther, et al to Gary L. Scitzs, Lot # 3 of the Mill Hill Addition to WSS, White Sulphur Corporation

Charles S. Meadows and Betty J. Meadows to Jerry Williams, Parcel # 1: Lot 68 of Charmco Heights Subdivision & Parcel # 2: Lots 69 & 70 of Charmco Heights, Meadow Bluff District

Charles S. Meadows and Betty J. Meadows to Jerry Williams, 1.3 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Paula June Armstrong to Chris Cullen and Jennifer Cullen, Parcel 1: Lot # 126 of Home Realty Co. Subdivision; Parcel 2: Lot # 125-A in Deaagansville Subdivision; Parcel 3: 0.5 Acre, Meadow Bluff District

Markey Rentals, LLC to James A. Pierce, 7,630 Sq. Ft., Fort Springs Dist.

M. Roger Boggs to Ralph J. Warren, Jr., Lot 38, Block 2 of Echols Acres Subdivision, Lewisburg Municipality

Johnny Davis to Myralyn Curry, 4 Acres, Fort Spring District

RET Holdings, LLC to Northfork, LLC, 2.13 Acres, Fort Springs District

Donald E. Parker, Jr. and Deborah A. Parker to Michael D. King, 1.551 Acres, Williamsburg District


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